Upcoming Progression review and more

The next issue of Progression magazine will include a favorable review of our first album, Looking Backward. The forthcoming issue #67 is slated to come out in the next few weeks. This is a fantastic magazine and regarded as one of the most prominent progressive rock publications in the U.S., so we're thrilled in be included in this publication. Stay tuned for updates and order your copy at www.progressionmagazine.com.

Also, another great review of our debut album came out recently from music reviewer Dmitry Epstein (DME). Check it out here: http://dmme.net/storm-chronicles-looking-backward/

We continue to plug away at the new album, and we've got some exciting new sounds emerging. Jody has been hard at work on vocal parts, and we begin vocal recording sessions this month. We still have quite some distance to go toward finishing this beast, but our progress has been consistent, and the foundation of the album has been established (and then some). We'll keep everyone updated as more news develops. But we are looking forward to a flourishing year! Stay tuned, and thanks for continued support...

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