About the Storm Chronicles

The Storm Chronicles are:
David Burr   -   Keyboards, Guitars, Samples, Drums, Bass, Vocals
Jody Dietz   -   Vocals

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The Storm Chronicles are a modern progressive rock/pop and adult album alternative music project based in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The music has been in development for nearly 20 years, in one form or another. The duo was established on the vision of David Burr, who founded and developed the project as the primary vehicle for realizing his musical/lyrical compositions and ambitions. 

Burr began his career as a keyboardist/rhythm guitarist performing in various cover bands at the the age of 18. Before long, he realized his true musical passion was for original songwriting. Within a few years, he began to focus all of his musical energy toward the goal of releasing his own music in some sort of professional capacity. He would spend the next 18 years writing music and exploring different avenues (both collaborative and solo) in an attempt to find the best situation and/or combination of factors for pursuing his ambitions. During this time, Burr also began to learn a whole host of skills related to the technological and production side of original music, which would eventually allow him to develop and produce the music almost entirely on his own. 

However, one key component was missing. Burr needed a distinct voice to deliver the messages, stories and emotions he was trying to convey, as he felt his own voice was insufficient for doing everything he wanted to do. Enter Jody Dietz, who joined forces with Burr in 2011 to complete the picture. Burr was instantly struck by Dietz's signature tone, and the two began a collaborative endeavor that would ultimately lead to the release of the Storm Chronicles' debut album, Looking Backward, in 2013. Dietz had also worked in various cover bands and original situations over the years, and her unique vocal stylings proved to be the critical missing component that the Storm Chronicles music would need in order to move forward. 

The Storm Chronicles have accumulated a rather large backlog of songs and instrumental pieces that will eventually see the light of day on future albums and EP releases. In 2011, the key challenge was to decide which of these songs would best represent the body of work as a whole, to date, for the first release. Once chosen, most of the final songs would take another 2 years to record and produce (with the exception of "Run", which Burr had started recording in 2010 while still searching for a vocalist). Looking Backward came to fruition after the Storm Chronicles completed a successful Kickstarter.com campaign in April 2013 to cover the costs of mastering, artwork and CD replication.