Press release on new Storm Chronicles CD and helping other indie artists

Our focus lately has been to spread the word about what we're doing musically and how we're also helping other indie artists with this CD release. We've spent the last few weeks sending out our press release to a number of media outlets (print media, online publications, and internet radio stations). But of course, word of mouth is always going to be our most powerful ally. If you dig our music, tell a friend!

Check out the press release we issued when the album was released in September...



September 17, 2013 (Seattle, Wash.) -- After nearly 20 years in development, the Storm Chronicles released their debut album today and are donating a portion of the proceeds from sales to help other independent artists running fundraisers on
The CD release, entitled Looking Backward, resulted from the group's own successful Kickstarter campaign in April. Each month, the Storm Chronicles will contribute 5 percent of profits from CD and digital sales of the album to other Kickstarter fundraising projects.
"We believe strongly in giving indie bands more exposure," explained David Burr, Creative Director for the Storm Chronicles. "Indie artists provide people with more choices, and they effectively diminish the power of the big record companies that selectively decide who should gain exposure and who should not."
The endeavor is part of a program known as Kicking It Forward ( Burr discovered the program while running his own Kickstarter campaign for the Storm Chronicles.
"There are a lot of quality artists out there that few people have ever heard of," continued Burr. "Sure, we naturally want to establish ourselves and sell records too. That's no secret. But we're doing this because we also genuinely believe in the importance of advancing the indie movement overall. And we know how hard it is to establish yourself if you're an unknown act."
The Storm Chronicles plan to announce the contributions and promote each band they back on the group's Facebook page every month.
The Storm Chronicles consist of Burr, who resides near Seattle, Wash, and lead vocalist Jody Dietz, from Longview, Wash. Burr is responsible for the majority of the duo's songwriting, as well as the instrumentation and production. The Storm Chronicles' sound can be characterized as adult album alternative rock, and it's reminiscent of a wide range of quasi-retro influences -- including Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, and Tears For Fears..
Burr developed his music and skills during the course of nearly 20 years, and he began working with Dietz 3 years ago to transform some of his demos into the final Looking Backward recordings -- as well as officially launch the Storm Chronicles project. With a significant backlog of material, the Storm Chronicles plan to release a follow-up EP sometime early next year.
For further information, contact David Burr at or visit
Digital cover artwork available upon request.

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