Words: David Burr
Music: David Burr, Jody Dietz

Drowning alone in self pity
All the forms you embraced
Leaving a trail of blank stares
You'd run from the human race

To fall back on something or someone
To lift you up out of the dark abyss
Always seemed weak to you
Your silence became everything

The only life you knew held fear
And thrived on turmoil
And how you danced your way around the lie
The drain and the remorse

Can you handle the free will
Or will you run yourself into the ground
Will you run from all people
And dwell in this fallen home
Stay with the rain and the comfort
Stay where nothing can challenge you
Gray out in this ordinary refuge
And dwell in this fallen home

Unable to see any promise
And acting in self interest
Swimming in an innocence
That led to a dangerous end

And life as a double-edged sword
Would suddenly vanish without a trace
You stayed in your own inner world
And studied a world in decline

You found your only peace in sleep
And with each new day
How you danced your way around the lie
The pain and the divorce