Looking Backward, Part 1
Words: David Burr
Music: David Burr, Jody Dietz

When the halo holds the wheel at bay
The shine will turn the thoughts to shame
And that pride is shoveled through the maze
But the heart returns to thoughts of fame

Or recognition in some small way
To know you’ve reached something real
Lift up your spirit in some small way
With an air of dignity

You owe a lot for every contoured dream
Would it ever suffice to be part of the world?
You wrote of a foundation of your own
Before you knew what that really meant
Living in the shadow of the perfect star
But the only one you really had to please was you

You can’t expect to be understood
You value different things
Your best bet is an honest life of your own

Maybe you’re missing a halo above your head
But is that so wrong?
Your moral compass is all your own

Follow your heart…