Ghost Writer
Words: David Burr
Music: David Burr, Jody Dietz

Shaped a union many years before
Lost a little, but remained at shore
Tossing shivers, meadows disappear
Bottle up the dreams, there's nothing here

To stand on your own again
And learn how the world lives

And we drown alone inside a solemn stare
It's inside the stone
Separate the pain
And we coast along with silent nerves aware
Of every stale turn
Nothing fits into place

Wedged between the worlds once called home
Puzzled by the outside's afterthoughts
Brilliant lights were the forever edge
Until the day it all burned down

Can we hold the dream again?
Can we find it again?

And we fall apart without each other there
We block ourselves from what we do to ourselves
We just avoid the conflict for the fear
We might not return to what
once led us here