Cast In Faith
Words and Music: David Burr, Jody Dietz

You sort through every mundane minute of each day
You sift through hours, ripping apart
The drive and purpose you once defined

A hole is made of deceit and no affluent goals
We're quick to accept a life that isn't at all
Of our own design

Your heart is a noble work of art
You'd never be wrong to fall apart
In a rhythm disguised as a blessing of love

It's nothing more than a hopeless tragedy of faith
If we could only see the toll it's taken on us
We've bled enough in the name of our childhood guilt
If we could only see the loss
Of everything we once held close
And every part of who we are
and everything that we've become

It's nothing more than a paralyzing fear of disgrace
To follow blindly to a darkened place

A life consumed, unable to identify
We close our eyes only to find
The future slipped away from view