Press, Aural Moon rotation and follow-up update

We recently received a very favorable review of our debut album in the Equal Ground to kick off the New Year. Check it out here. We are also now in regular rotation on the progressive rock internet radio station Aural Moon. Tune in to hear some great music and request our songs.

We plan to begin working on our follow up release in the next few weeks. We took a couple months off for the holidays, but now we're beginning to get back into the swing of things. Although we expect to be immersed in the the current album cycle and promotion for some time, we'll be simultaneously working on our next album. We've decided to take a somewhat unorthodox approach with our follow up.

Our next release will be entitled Supplements, and we plan to make it available in two different versions: both a full-length album version and a condensed 5-song EP. The full-length "special edition" version will be strictly limited to 300 copies on CD, while the EP will be distributed without any such limitation. However, the full version will also be available for digital download. The limited edition physical CD is just our way of offering something a bit more unique to our collector and audiophile friends who prefer the uncompressed listening experience over MP3 download. Those who pre-ordered the EP during our last Kickstarter campaign will receive the full-length Limited Edition version of Supplements.

We do not yet have a concrete time frame for the release of the follow-up, as we're still in the process of mapping out the album and sorting through our existing backlog of demo material to focus on. But we can say that much of the material is already written and ready to be recorded for release sometime this year. We will keep everyone updated on the progress of our next release in the coming months.

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