Return from hiatus

Hey everyone -- Yes, we are still around! We've been on a fairly long, unanticipated hiatus for about a year and half. But we are on the verge of returning to the studio to finish the next album. Jody and I are excited to get back to work on this project. We've both been busy pursuing some other projects. But I'll be getting back into "studio mode" over the next few weeks as I begin further development on the songs and prepare them for Jody's vocals. A lot of great work has already been done on the new album so far (just prior to the hiatus), and we have a good portion of the album's foundation already mapped and recorded (drums, bass, keyboards and some guitar). In addition, over the course of  working on the album, we're also going to be searching for  the right musicians for an actual live band once the album is released (some of whom may be also helping us finish the album in the studio). Don't have a whole lot of new info to update everyone on right now, but do expect more updates in coming months as we wade back into this process. For now, we mainly just wanted to let everyone know we're still out here and the project is very much alive. 

We do have some website news, however. We finally decided to get with the times and offer a higher quality digital download on the site. So our debut album can now be purchased in FLAC format (as well as MP3 and CD). Check out our music/store page if you 're in the market for a copy of Looking Backward. As mentioned previously, there will be no additional pressings of the CD version, so once they're gone, they're gone.

Anyway, yeah, I know... we move kind of slowly. Lol. But we're dedicated to what we're trying to accomplish, and our passion for this project runs deep. The way I see it, we're still just getting warmed up for the main event! Just takes us a little time to get there sometimes ;) But I think the next album could be a lot of fun for everyone. Stay tuned for more! 

David Burr

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