A long overdue update

We've been hard at work on the new album for the last year and a half, and it's been a much longer process than we anticipated. But we're thrilled with the direction the music has taken, and we believe the next record is going to amount to a pretty big leap from where we began with our debut. It's too early to predict a release date, but we are beginning to talk with various musicians about putting a live band together in time for the next album cycle.

It's been a little more than 2 years since the release of our debut album, and in the time since the release, I've personally experienced a notable creative surge. As a result, many of the songs I'd previously written have doubled in length and significantly evolved, and we've ended up with a lot more material than was originally planned for our follow up release. I plan to put together some short audio preview clips of the new material in the next few months for our mailing list members to check out.

I'm currently taking a much-needed break for a few months to explore a couple of other projects and keep myself from burning out on the process ;) -- But we'll be back in the studio in January, and I'm hoping we can complete the album by next summer.

In other news, we recently decided there will not be any additional CD pressings of our first album. Looking Backward. It will still be available as an mp3 download from our website (and coming soon, FLAC and/or WAV formats as well). But the only physical CD copies that exist are what came from our first run/pressing. So I guess this means if you have a copy, it is now a sort of a "limited edition". That said, we do still have some CDs in stock, and they can be purchased here (as well as the mp3 version). Looking Backward is also available at Amazon and CD Baby.

More to come soon! As always feel free to Facebook or email us with questions/comments.

David Burr


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